Originally manufactured for brick production facilities in Europe these Steenschotten, which translates as Stone bulkheads, are composed of various tongue and groove planks. A metal C-profile binds the short sides and (usually) a threaded rod that goes right through and holds the planks together. This creates a very strong construction, which is extremely durable for long-term sustained use, as decking, flooring, fencing and furniture etc

The stone bulkheads are replaced by the brick factories once every 2-5 years, because the surfaces then become too rough to dry the bricks, but they are perfect for upcycling. Because the stone partitions are fairly rough, they do provide good grip when wet. When sanded and finished these boards make excellent table tops, kitchen islands and much more besides.

Douglas fir is a strong durable softwood.  For more information click here.

Weight 35 kg
Dimensions 140 × 96 × 5 cm

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